New concept

The brand-new JABLOTRON 100 alarm with its revolutionary control system is a comprehensive solution to protect property and persons against burglary and fire, which integrates core alarm functions and smart home solutions.

It is a professional security system strictly requiring professional installation by a trained installer. </ p>

The alarm allows the customizable use of a combination of bus and wireless system detectors and devices. It flexibly adapts to the security needs of companies and households while remaining easily controlled.

These seemingly incompatible requirements are satisfied by a revolutionary patented system control unit. The new thing about this alarm is not just the control method, but its entire architecture. The range and variability of devices, the bus structure, a new wireless protocol, and communication options for remote user access and service make it a timeless electronic security solution.

Patented control system

The control panel can be handle 300 user codes. To operate the system bus and fully wireless versions of access modules are available. All are equipped with an RFID reader, and according to the model also a keyboard or also a keypad and display. The modules have connected control segments, with a simple logic that allows for easy traffic light indicator control of sections, outputs, emergency calls and display system status. Thanks to control segments having easily understandable green and red LEDs, the indicators clearly show the status of individual sections and outputs. The system is controlled by pressing the corresponding segment and verification occurs by entering a code or applying an RFID card or Chip.

System properties


The JABLOTRON 100 is designed and certified according to EN 50131 security level 2 . The control panel bus architecture combines wired connections with wireless elements. Wireless communication is based on a new bi-directional dynamic Jablotron 100 transmission protocol using a frequency of 868 MHz, providing multiple security layers and system integrity against intentional and random data collisions in the communication system. The communication range of individual devices is hundreds of meters and can be extended to include further bus radio modules. For complete coverage of the desired area up to 3 radio modules can be installed.

The JABLOTRON 100 has up to 120 wireless or bus zones  for the assignment of detectors, keypads and control units, sirens or other devices. A split system can have  up to 15 sections . Also available are 32 programmable outputs


The control panel is equipped with a GSM / GPRS / LAN communicator, which allows voice, SMS or GPRS communication with users and ARC centers. You can add a communicator for telephone lines. Communicators are not only used for the transfer of information from the system to ARCs, but also acts as a modem for remote access, monitoring, programming and, last but not least, PG output control  (i.e. appliances in the house). Remote access can be performed from a website, via SMS and by the direct USB connection of F-Link setup software. 


Design solutions for an individual security facility have a wide range of bus and wireless options. In the product range there are many classic PIR motion detectors, and also those with integrated independent acoustic glass-break detectors. For wireless options, a combined microwave and PIR motion detector is available . Such a solution is a totally unique wireless design. To secure windows and doors, there are miniature magnetic detectors with a special "invisible" hidden magnet for mounting on plastic window frames or doors.


For special applications there is a miniature ceiling PIR and glass-break detector. They are also suitable for use in a car parked near a control panel. As a protective shield for the building we have outdoor motion detectors and an infra-red barrier. Fire safety is solved by an optical smoke detector and a gas leak detector for explosive gases.


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